We at Cartersville Trucks make every effort to assist our customers in purchase their diesel truck. Cartersville Trucks also understands and appreciates that financing a vehicle can often be an overwhelming and scary process for some of our customers.

Although Cartersville Trucks is not a banking or financial institution and we do not offer dealership based financing options for any of our vehicles, we are very much committed to assisting customers in locating financing options through one of the many lenders we have developed strong relationships. Cartersville Trucks network of lenders include credit unions, banks, and auto finance institutions who offer innovative and proven financing options at very competitive interest rates.

Financing Your Diesel Truck

To better serve all our customers, we ask all customers to complete the Cartersville Trucks Financing Application. The Financing Application not only provides our dealership with all the information required for dealerships sell vehicles in Georgia but the application also provides our customers with the opportunity to present their financial position. The information provided by our customers plays a critical part in securing the best financing opportunities.

Please note, our bookkeeping and accounting procedures require the completion of the Cartersville Trucks Financing Application for all cash purchases as well.

Complete your Cartersville Trucks Financing Application now!

Please explore Cartersville Trucks’ list of financial institutions which we have established relationships below. You may also locate the credit union closest to you through the National Credit Union Association search engine. Please note, requirements and conditions for credit union membership may vary for each institution.




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