Test Drive Policy

Customer Test Drive Policy

Cartersville Trucks believes our buyers can only truly appreciate the quality of our vehicles and the unique pleasure of owning and driving a diesel truck is by experiencing it first-hand. At Cartersville Trucks, we encourage our buyers to stop by our lot and test drive the truck of your choice as you make the decision to go diesel.

To better serve our customers and remain in compliance with our insurers and licensing agencies, Cartersville Trucks must adhere to the following policies and procedures for all customer test drives:

  1. Driver License:The customer must provide a copy valid drivers’ license which will be copied by Cartersville Trucks and the copy shall be maintained by Cartersville Trucks.

  2. Insurance: The customer must provide proof of current auto insurance which will be documented by Cartersville Trucks and the documentation shall be maintained by Cartersville Trucks.

  3. Pre-Qual App:The customer shall complete Cartersville Trucks’ Buyer Pre-Qualification Application.

  4. Breach:The customer confirms by signing this agreement that their License is current and they will not be in any breach of any condition of license by test driving a Cartersville Trucks vehicle.

  5. Smoking and Food:The customer agrees not to smoke, drink, eat, carry any pets or goods while test driving the vehicle. In the event this condition is breached the Customer will be liable for any cleaning costs if necessarily incurred as a result of smoking, drinking, eating, or carrying any pets or goods.

  6. Weapons: Cartersville Trucks does not allow any customer to carry a weapon of any form (firearm, knife, pepper spray, mace, taser gun, etc..) during a test drive or while on the premises of Cartersville Trucks.

  7. Number of Riders:The number of riders permitted during the test drive, including the customer test driving the vehicle and the Cartersville Trucks representative, shall include no more than 5 people and all passengers must wear a seat belt.

  8. Children:Parents will be held 100% responsible for any and all damage caused by their children during the test drive.

  9. Customer Injury:Cartersville Trucks shall not be held liable or responsible for any injury or harm caused to any customer or person(s) associated with the customer during customer test drive sessions while the customer is test operating the vehicle.

  10. Route:Cartersville Trucks will provide a predetermined test drive route which must be adhered to by the customer.

  11. In Case of Accident:The customer agrees to pay all fees, cost, and expenses not covered by Cartersville Trucks insurance carriers in the event of an accident or should a claim for be submitted as a result of an accident while the customer is test driving the vehicle.

  12. License to Operate:I am licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the United States, and my license is currently not under suspension. I have in effect collision and liability insurance which would apply to the vehicle identified below during the time while it is in my possession or under my control. I agree to pay the reasonable value of repairing such damage, along with any expense Cartersville Trucks incurs in obtaining the return of the vehicle. 

  13. Traffic Fines:I will pay all traffic tickets and hold Cartersville Trucks harmless from any and all expenses and judgments, including costs arising out of any act or pertaining to my operation of the vehicle prior to my returning it to Cartersville Trucks and all expenses, costs and fees it may incur to protect and/or enforce its rights under this Agreement, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

  14. Cartersville Trucks maintains the right to deny any customer request for test drives for any reason and is not obligated to disclose or explain their reason for denying the customers’ request.


Steps Cartersville Trucks takes to familiarize customers test driving our vehicles prior to the test drive and review operation steps performed include, but are not limited to, the following:

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